Brady diplomatic on Colts' decision

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was diplomatic when speaking about the Colts’ decision to pull quarterback Peyton Manning in their loss to the Jets, costing them a chance at a 16-0 regular season.

“I think every team has a different philosophy,” Brady said on sports radio WEEI's Dennis & Callahan Show in an entertaining interview by Butch Stearns and Christian Fauria. “It’s hard to argue to them. They’ve made so many great decisions all season.

“When playoff time comes around, everyone starts with a fresh slate. It’s a new season. Every team kind of starts at the same [spot], aside from the teams that have the bye obviously. Position doesn’t matter as much, it’s who is going to win that particular day and who is going to play the best football on that particular weekend.

“They made a decision, and it’s hard to argue with those guys. They have a great coach. I just saw bits and pieces of the game. I hate seeing the Jets win, unfortunately. I think that was kind of bittersweet.”

When asked about the Patriots’ approach in 2007 – going for the undefeated season – Brady said he was glad that Bill Belichick made that decision.

“I love to play every week. That’s the best part of the season for us, playing. It’s not like you’re saying ‘I can’t wait to get to that Wednesday practice.’ Playing on Sundays and having a chance to do that; we really enjoyed going for that mark. I’m sure for the [Colts] players, they would have wanted the same. But their coach has a different idea.”