Expert medical opinion on Welker

It’s no stretch to assume we’ve seen the last of Wes Welker this season. But what about next season? What are the chances the knee injury sidelines him for part of the 2010 season as well?

Dr. Michael Kaplan, who has not examined Welker, gave his opinion on typical recovery time for someone with Welker’s injury.

“Assuming Wes Welker’s MRI confirms an ACL and MCL injury,” Kaplan explained, “he is going to need surgery and obviously this season is out. The big question of course is next year. The ACL reconstruction typically required 6-9 months of significant rehab. Then in all probability, 95 percent chance, he’ll be better and ready to play. August may be some compromise but in all probability September should be a full go, ready to accelerate, cutting, twisting and the stuff he is famous for without limitation.”