Neal's decision and other tidbits

Passing along a few of the more interesting quotes from the Patriots' postgame locker room.

Offensive lineman Stephen Neal on whether he will play next season:

“I’m not sure. I’m not sure how my body is going to feel. I’m not sure if I’ll keep playing, keep getting in them car accidents each week. I don’t know. We’ll have to find out, talk to the family, see what options are available.”

Running back Fred Taylor on the season ending:

“You have to give them all the credit. They came out and played an outstanding game. But I guess we picked the wrong day because there is no tomorrow as far as games are concerned. We just have to come in tomorrow, say our goodbyes until the offseason program cranks back up and see what we can do going forward.”

Defensive back James Sanders on a 'frustrating game':

“All we did was we kept fighting. They scored maybe 21 points in five minutes. Once you get in a situation like that, it’s tough to recover and all we could do was keep fighting. It seemed like the harder we fought, the bigger hole we dug ourselves. It was a very frustrating game for us today. Of course we were disappointed, but we weren’t lacking confidence. We were just telling ourselves keep fighting one play at a time, and until the end we thought we still had a chance to get back in the game. It just didn’t happen like that.”

Receiver Julian Edelman on Tom Brady's message to the team during the game:

“Tom Brady told us not to quit. That’s what we tried not to do and we didn’t do that.”