Pats coordinators: A fan's perspective

Through the world of Twitter, "Show_1" passed along something that interested me: A fan's perspective on the Patriots' offensive and defensive coordinator jobs.

Although it is not signed by anyone in particular, a well-written open letter is penned to Patriots owner Robert Kraft and coach Bill Belichick through IPetitions.com. The letter urges them to hire Super Bowl-caliber offensive and defensive coordinators, pinpointing nine areas that the Patriots should focus on as they fill out their coaching staff for 2010.

The Patriots currently don't have an official offensive or defensive coordinator.

Quarterbacks coach Bill O'Brien was essentially the offensive coordinator in 2009, while Dean Pees -- who served as defensive coordinator the last four years -- won't be back in 2010.

My sense is that fans are watching closely as to how the Patriots fill these spots and that a hire from outside the organization would be welcome because it would represent new ideas after a disappointing end to the 2009 season.

If the Patriots stay in-house, as many expect they will, my sense is that it would put the Patriots in more of a position in which they will have to sell the decision to their fans. This is a change from the recent past, when decisions weren't questioned as much because of the team's Super Bowl success.