Punter Mesko connects with Pats

INDIANAPOLIS – The Patriots don’t have a punter under contract for 2010. Perhaps Michigan’s Zoltan Mesko, a projected late-round draft choice and considered the top punter in the draft, will fill the role.

Mesko explained this morning that as part of the “special teams gauntlet” players go through at the combine, Patriots special teams coach Scott O’Brien “drilled” him with several questions.

“I interviewed with him and he kind of took the main role at the tables,” Mesko said. “It was kind of cool to talk to him and pick his brain a little bit and he picked mine for the majority of the time.”

Mesko, who speaks four languages, said he’s spoken about the Patriots’ special teams approach with linebacker Pierre Woods, who also played at Michigan.

“When Pierre came back this past month, he’s training up at Michigan again to stay in shape, the amount of knowledge he’s picked up from the special teams coach there is unbelievable,” Mesko said.