Adalius Thomas & the Jets

Tim Graham, who covers the AFC East for ESPN.com, notes that New York Jets linebacker Bart Scott was a guest on "Mike & Mike" this morning and talked about the possibility of having Adalius Thomas join the Jets.

"It's funny," Scott said on the program, as quoted by Graham. "I was hanging with Adalius Thomas for Super Bowl weekend. We're buddies from back in the day. He made it public that he's expressed an interest in joining Rex. I think some of his better years of his career have been a part of the Ravens' defense and under Rex Ryan's tutelage. It'll be exciting."

The Patriots have an interesting call when it comes to Thomas.

If you cut him, you are almost assured that he's headed to one of your division rivals. If you keep him, you might have lingering bad vibes in the locker room.

A trade is a possibility, but given Thomas's salary ($4.9 million) and limited production in 2009, will be there be any interest?