Patten waiting to connect with Brady

FOXBOROUGH – Veteran receiver David Patten is excited to start working with quarterback Tom Brady again, although the two have yet to connect on the practice field.

Patten, who met with media members this morning on the Gillette Stadium field, said he isn’t sure when Brady is scheduled to arrive for the offseason program. Patten doesn’t believe that’s reason for concern.

“It’s the offseason right now and everyone has different schedules, and I’m quite sure that when he’s in, he’ll get his receivers together,” Patten said. “What I remember from that time, he was big on putting the time in during the offseason. So I’m quite sure when he gets in, he’ll get us all on the same page and we’ll get together and start throwing together.

“This is when you build that connection, during the offseason -- just coming out playing catch, going through the motions, hanging out, having fun with it. Once the season starts, it’s so much pressure, so much riding on it. Now it’s kind of laid back. You kind of get to know each other and have fun with it.”

Patten, who will wear his old jersey No. 86, had media members laughing when he told a story about his time with the Saints. He joked with Saints quarterback Drew Brees that he was like the girlfriend, but his first love was actually Brady.

Patten also revealed that he texted Brady after the Patriots’ regular-season loss to the Saints. That game sparked his desire to play again.

“I was looking at the Patriots and was like ‘it looks like they could use a little more help.’ I remember texting Tom after the game, not thinking that he would get the text because it was right after the game. I said ‘Hey man, tell Coach that I still think I have something left if you need some help.’ The game wasn’t over until around 11:30 and he texted me back at 12, 12:15, and was like ‘Chief, you know if it was up to me, you’d be back.’ I don’t know if that might have sparked a little interest. Here I am and let’s hope for the best.”