Quick hits from Sammy Morris

FOXBOROUGH – Six quick hits with Patriots running back Sammy Morris in an interview with reporters this morning:

On turning 33 on March 23 and producing after his 30th birthday. “I think it’s something you should learn along the way. I played with a lot of guys that played a long time and it would be foolish for me to not take something from everybody across the board. I know age-wise I’m getting up there, but physically I don’t feel old in football years. That’s what Kevin [Faulk] and I were talking about last year at the end of the offseason, I was actually the strongest I had been since I had been playing. A lot of it is diet and conditioning.”

How much longer he’ll play. “I’ll just keep going. I don’t want to get to the point where I say ‘I’ll play two more’ and then I shut it down after two when I actually could go more. I don’t know. I’m just going year to year. Right now, I still feel good. … Just want to keep plugging away until my body says I can't go any more.”

Players feeding off each other in the offseason program. “Days like this [with heavy rain], it’s a little tougher to get going. We have three run groups and when you first wake up, it’s kind of easy to hit the snooze bar and [say] ‘I’ll make the next run group.’ Once you get here, this morning it was Sam Aiken and BenJarvus [Green-Ellis] kind of helping me get along. And I was kind of helping other guys get along. That’s just part of the team, we’re supposed to pick each other up.”

The running back group in offseason workouts. “Fred [Taylor] is still in Florida. For the most part, we’ve been here, plugging away and trying to keep doing the same things we always do. We’re pretty much all here year-round.”

On the questions of a lack of leadership last year. “I think we have a very veteran team, and that’s pretty much across the board, position-wise. I personally didn’t see that there was a leadership thing, that we lacked leadership.”

His offseason travels. “I went to London for a little bit. Went to Vegas, and really kind of just hung out up here. My kids are in school year-round up here now. Kind of just laid low and tried to recuperate.”