McNabb trade hit home to Kevin Faulk

FOXBOROUGH – Veteran running back Kevin Faulk, who enters his 12th season with the Patriots, takes pride in having played his entire career with one team.

With that in mind, Faulk was disappointed for his friend, Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb, that he didn’t have the same opportunity.

“Bill [Belichick] is going to kill me for this. I’m not supposed to let my opinion go,” Faulk said this morning at Gillette Stadium. “He’s a good friend of mine. They’ve been criticizing him for a long time and he’s done nothing but good things for Philly. A lot of fans, they don’t appreciate it.

“Like he said, he believes he’s done a lot of great things there. They came up short a couple of years, but he enjoyed his time there. If he’s happy with it, I love it.”

Faulk said his friendship with McNabb started in 1999, as both were highly touted prospects in the NFL draft.

“As a draft class, you’re always connected,” Faulk explained. “Before the draft, you meet guys, you exchange numbers, and that’s how we got real close.”

Seeing McNabb traded on Sunday reinforced Faulk’s appreciation for his own situation with the Patriots.

“[Titans linebacker] Keith Bulluck told me about 3-4 years ago, he said ‘Man, it’s a blessing that you and I have right now to be on the same team our whole career,’" Faulk said.

Faulk renewed wedding vows with his wife Latisha last month, a personal event which highlighted his offseason.

The couple has been married 10 years and has been together a total of 20 years. The ceremony was held in Louisiana, and a handful of teammates and strength coach Mike Woicik were present.