Tedy Bruschi chat recap

Tedy Bruschi held a chat today on ESPNBoston.com, and it can be recapped here.

Some highlights:

On what the Patriots need to do to catch up with the rest of the division. "That's just the thing. The Patriots don't feel like they need to catch up. They're happy with where they are. Their philosophy in the offseason was to re-sign key veterans and they did that. Now they need to focus on the draft. After that, the team should be set, minus a few small moves. Just because the Jets sign every guy out there doesn't mean they're the one to beat in the AFC East."

On the Jets. "I think the Jets are making a one-year run. They feel like they're close to being the championship team, so they're hoping all of these outcasts can get it together for one more year to make a run at the Super Bowl. That's a big if. I'm anxious to see how that lockerroom will react when they're in the middle of a losing streak."

More on the Jets' offseason approach. "They've had one of the most successful offseasons, but offseason signings don't equal championships. The first thing they have to worry about is winning the AFC East and they haven't done that since 2002. With players in that locker room with questionable character, their biggest test will come when they face adversity."

On the Patriots' long-term approach. "Their building for the future philosophy was never more clear when they traded Seymour. That compromised their short term success for their long term future. The same is true for the draft. I think they feel like this is a deep draft in which they'll use these picks on players that can help them for years to come."

Projecting the Patriots' pick at No. 22. "Guessing who the Patriots will pick is bad business. They're one of the most unpredictable teams on draft day. But if I were to guess, I would say, if he's still there, Sergio Kindle from Texas."