Length of rookie free agent deals

A look at the length of contracts signed by the Patriots' rookie free agents:

WR Bryan Anderson – 1 year

S Sergio Brown – 3 years

LB Dane Fletcher – 3 years

CB Terrence Johnson – 3 years

DL Kyle Love – 2 years

RB Pat Paschall – 2 years

S Ross Ventrone – 2 years

OL John Wise – 1 year

WR Buddy Farnham -- TBA

ANALYSIS: In the past, I think the Patriots signed most of their rookie free agents to three-year deals, which might have been part of their management of the salary cap, to spread out the proration of a signing bonus. I once thought that a longer deal might reflect that the team had a higher opinion of the player, but I don't necessarily think that was the case. So I don't think there is too much to read into this information. It is passed along as a point of information should one of the rookie free agents make the club.