Patriots announce 'Help Vince' game

The Patriots on Thursday announced a little something different, an interactive game fans can play on their iPhones or Android devices to help Vince Wilfork find his Super Bowl ring.

As the story goes in the video above (which features the acting debuts of Wilfork and Patriots media relations chief Stacey James), the plot for the “Help Vince” game is that a rogue Jets fan has stolen Wilfork’s ring and is holding it for ransom and it’s up to the fans to help him to get it back. Here are more details from the Patriots:

Starting today, the search is on across New England, and it’s powered by SCVNGR – the location-based iPhone and Android app about going places, doing fun challenges and earning points all while unlocking badges and sharing your activity with your friends. Patriots fans can play special Patriots challenges at hundreds of spots across New England in the special “Help Vince” trek on SCVNGR. Along the way, special Patriots badges are awarded and prizes given daily and weekly, as well as the Ultimate-Grand-Finale-Finito-ZOMG-We-Found-Vince’s-Ring prize: a private lunch with a Patriots player!

You can get more information on the game here.