Tatum forever linked to Stingley

Tim Graham, who covers the AFC East for ESPN.com, writes on the death of Jack Tatum today. Graham's story has a strong Patriots tie-in, as Tatum's brutal hit on Patriots receiver Darryl Stingley in a 1978 preseason game left Stingley paralyzed.

Graham speaks with former Patriots quarterback Steve Grogan and Stingley's son, Derek.

"This brings back all those memories," Derek Stingley told Graham. "I've just been almost in a daze today."

Grogan told Graham he was having a hard time finding someting nice to say.

"When something like that happens and you can't apologize for it, go out and write a book to make money and try to get famous off the incident, that's just not right," Grogan said. "I thought he handled it very poorly."