Troy Brown talks NFL, Pats on 'Mike & Mike'

Former New England Patriots great Troy Brown was a guest on "Mike & Mike in the Morning" on ESPN Radio Tuesday, touching on some of the top issues in the NFL.

The interview can be heard here, and it includes Brown's thoughts on Darrelle Revis's holdout in New York, Bill Belichick's decision to paint the walls and remove all pictures in the Patriots' facility, and how Brown viewed some younger players in his final years in the league.

When asked if Belichick's message of taking down all pictures would resonate with younger players, Brown said he didn't know.

"It's a different mentality," he said. "I came up in an era where it was important to know history, and to know what a legacy meant, not just in sports but in everything you. I don't know how important it is to [younger players] these days. Hopefully they get the message that 'we have to earn the right to be displayed up on this wall.'"