Charting the Patriots' pass rush

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Most considered the Patriots’ pass rush to be the biggest story entering their first preseason game, Thursday night against the Saints. Here is a breakdown of the team’s pass rush tendencies throughout the game, based on passing plays and draws:

7-man rush: 1 time

6-man rush: 2 times

5-man rush: 13 times

4-man rush: 19 times

3-man rush: 1 time

So when computing the numbers, the Patriots blitzed 44 percent of the time, which reflects a defense that wasn't vanilla in the preseason opener.

"You just have to go out and do it -- come out and get the pressure," said four-year veteran Marques Murrell, who started at outside linebacker and recorded a sack on the third play of the game, with an assist from a strong rush from Tully Banta-Cain. "You just have to block everything out and go get the quarterback."