Bruschi dissects Pats loss to Jets

ESPN analyst Tedy Bruschi delivers his weekly "Bruschi on Tap" piece on ESPNBoston.com, dissecting the Patriots' loss to the Jets.

Bruschi focuses on six areas, one of which credits Jets head coach Rex Ryan for his in-game adjustments.

"You have to give credit to Rex Ryan for making adjustments and not being hard-headed because the more he blitzes the more teams are starting to make adjustments and buy their quarterbacks more time," Bruschi says. "Adding the element of a three-man rush gave Tom Brady a max coverage look to decipher along with having to anticipate max pressure."

Bruschi also touches on the Patriots' offensive struggles in the second half.

"They look like two different teams between the first and second half," he says. "Making sideline adjustments has always been a strength of the Patriots. They must improve in this area."