Brady breaks down Pats running backs

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Kevin Faulk's season-ending knee injury and the Patriots running back corps was the hot topic of discussion Wednesday, and quarterback Tom Brady pointed to Sammy Morris as a player whose role should now increase.

Morris has been on the field for 16 offensive plays through the season's first two games.

"Sammy is obviously going to get a lot of opportunities with Laurence [Maroney] and Kevin [Faulk] gone," Brady said at his weekly news conference. "We had five backs five days ago and now we have three backs."

Those three backs are Fred Taylor, Morris and BenJarvus Green-Ellis. Newcomer Danny Woodhead is a fourth option who Brady said he had yet to meet prior to Wednesday's practice.

When breaking down the team's running backs, Brady started with Taylor.

“Fred is one of the best running backs of all time," he said. "He played great the first game. The first run he had called back in the [Jets] game, that was disappointing because it was a big run in the game for him, to get him going. Any time a running back has a big run like that early, it can set the tone for the whole day. He’s a great player. He’s worked very hard. He’s a great leader."

While each running back has a distinct style, Brady sees one similarity between them.

"Hopefully those guys can really step in and take control, because they’re good runners. They run hard. They’re downhill, physical guys," he said. "They don’t mind contact and they’re going to get yards where there are yards.”