Breaking down Crable's contribution

Outside linebacker Shawn Crable arrived in New England with high expectations as a 2008 third-round draft choice, but it wasn't until Sunday that he appeared in his first regular-season game with the club.

Crable was on the field for nine snaps, playing exclusively in one of the team's dime packages (6 defensive backs) on the left edge.

Here is a breakdown of his performance:

1. Third-and-14

Play: C.J. Spiller 1-yard reception on shovel pass

Crable's role: Had backside covered, trailed play away from him.

2. Third-and-1

Play: C.J. Spiller 5-yard TD reception

Crable's role: Unblocked on rush, but the ball was out quick.

3. Second-and-6

Play: Incomplete pass

Crable's role: Loses footing on pass rush.

4. Third-and-6

Play: Ryan Fitzpatrick 5-yard rush

Crable's role: Pass rush helps pinch pocket with others, forcing a scramble.

5. Third-and-7

Play: False start penalty on Cornell Green

Crable's role: Lined up across from Green, but didn't seem to create false start.

6. First-and-10

Play: Marshawn Lynch's 5-yard run

Crable's role: Holds edge and then makes tackle on strong pursuit from behind play.

7. Second-and-5

Play: Marshawn Lynch 5-yard run

Crable's role: Blocked at line as run goes up middle.

8. Second-and-10

Play: Jonathan Stupar 10-yard reception

Crable's role: Blocked on pass rush, with RB chip knocking him off balance.

9. Third-and-6

Play: Steve Johnson 14-yard reception

Crable's role: Pass rush, but blocked by Cornell Green in 1-on-1 situation.