Offensive playtime through 4 games

The Patriots are a quarter through their 2010 season and as pointed out by quarterback Tom Brady, the offense is set to undergo a transformation of sorts without Randy Moss.

As the team's offensive playing time stats for receivers, tight ends and running backs show (small margin for error), Moss was a big part of the attack:

WR Randy Moss -- 204 of 249 (81.9 percent)

TE Aaron Hernandez -- 169 of 249 (67.9 percent)

WR Wes Welker -- 159 of 249 (63.9 percent)

TE Rob Gronkowski -- 151 of 249 (60.6 percent)

WR Brandon Tate -- 137 of 249 (55.0 percent)

TE Alge Crumpler -- 129 of 249 (51.8 percent)

RB BenJarvus Green-Ellis -- 73 of 249 (29.3 percent)

RB Kevin Faulk -- 51 of 249 (20.5 percent)

RB Fred Taylor -- 46 of 249 (18.5 percent)

WR Julian Edelman -- 37 of 249 (14.9 percent)

RB/FB Sammy Morris -- 35 of 249 (14.1 percent)

RB Danny Woodhead -- 35 of 249 (14.1 percent)

FB Dan Connolly -- 6 of 249 (2.4 percent)

WR Matthew Slater -- 3 of 249 (1.2 percent)

TE Mark LeVoir -- 1 of 249 (0.4 percent)

(Penalties included; kneel-downs not included.)

ANALYSIS: With Moss no longer part of the mix, there is no one receiver who figures to pick up that slack. A combination of Deion Branch, Brandon Tate and Julian Edelman is likely to see an uptick in playing time. ... Tight ends Aaron Hernandez (2nd-highest total) and Rob Gronkowski (4th-highest total) have come as advertised. Tight end is a challenging position to learn in the team's scheme and they've integrated themselves right into the mix. The playtime stats also show how the Patriots are running more multiple tight end sets this year. ... BenJarvus Green-Ellis is unlikely to become a Corey Dillon-type workhorse, but he's positioned himself as the No. 1 option at running back, as Sammy Morris has slipped into more of a specialist-type role (fullback/occassional ball-carrier). ... Meanwhile, Danny Woodhead looks like he's growing into the Kevin Faulk "passing back" role, which means he could end up playing the most snaps of any back by the end of the year.