Belichick: Minnesota mayhem a non-factor

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Following the Patriots’ 28-18 victory over the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday, Patriots head coach Bill Belichick made it clear that he did not allow the high-profile stories surrounding Vikings quarterback Brett Favre, wide receiver Randy Moss, and head coach Brad Childress to distract his team.

“With all due respect to Minnesota, we don’t really care about Minnesota,” Belichick said. “We can’t worry about what everybody else is doing. That’s the way we approached this week, the week before, next week.”

In the end, Moss was held to one catch, but Belichick was sure to mention that it was the entire Vikings offense the Patriots were trying to stop, not just Moss.

“They’ve got a lot of great players there,” said Belichick. “You’ve got to deal with everybody. You can’t just deal with one guy.”

Belichick did laud Moss, discussing their post-game embrace.

"We just talked after the game," he said. "You know how I feel about Randy. I've talked about him many times. He's a Hall of Fame receiver and he made a lot of great contributions here. I'm glad I had the opportunity to coach him. He was a special player to coach. But today he was the competition. That's the way it is in this league. We see that every week. Next week [in Cleveland] it's [former Patriots tight end] Ben Watson."

The Patriots now boast an NFL-best 6-1 record, something that Belichick, not surprisingly, takes little stock in.

“We don’t really care about that. I don’t think six games is going to win anything in this league.”