Brady: Emotion 'keeps me focused'


As he was coming off the field following the Patriots’ 39-26 victory over the Steelers tonight, quarterback Tom Brady was stopped by NBC’s Andrea Kramer for a quick interview. Here are a couple of comments from Brady, who also managed to throw in a “Hi mom” at the end of the interview:

* On the play of tight end Rob Gronkowski, who scored three touchdowns:

“[Gronkowski] played a great game. I know it was a tough one for him last week [against the Browns], and he came back and really showed what he’s all about. A great performance by him, by all the tight ends, by all the receivers, by the whole offense, by the whole defense. It was definitely a team win.”

* On why he showed so much emotion throughout the game:

“I’m always emotional. Probably too emotional. It gets me going, it keeps me focused. There’s only one way to play this game: With emotion.”