Welker inspires Celtics' Perkins

Wes Welker's quick return from a torn ACL has inspired Boston Celtics center Kendrick Perkins.

In a piece now posted on ESPNBoston.com, Peter May writes on how the 5-foot-9 Patriots receiver is viewed by the 6-foot-10 Celtics big man.

"My motivation was Wes Welker,'' Perkins says. "Watching him come back after six months and now he's on the field ... That's unbelievable."

Welker talks about how he met Perkins at a recent game and that he knows exactly what Perkins is going through.

"It's one of those deals that you have to stay after it,'' Welker says. "Even the days you don't want to work on it, those are the most important days to make sure you are working on it. There were a lot of days where I woke up and it was like, 'No way!' I won't be able to do anything. But you warm it up and then you're able to get a good day's work in, where a lot of times people take that day off."