Brady on what irked him at game's end

In the wake of yesterday’s riveting Patriots victory over the Colts at Gillette Stadium, some fans were wondering why Tom Brady seemed so angry upon taking the final kneel-down of the game at his 6 yard line after James Sanders’ interception.

In his weekly interview on Boston sports radio station WEEI this morning, Brady gave an explanation for why he was perturbed, saying he was yelling at the refs to make them aware that someone on the Colts defensive line was trying to simulate a snap count to try to lure the Patriots into a false start.

“The defensive line, they can’t simulate a snap count at the end of the game when you’re kneeling on the ball,” Brady explained. “And the only thing that could have stopped us was an offensive penalty to stop the clock. So I’m in the middle of my snap count and the defensive tackle is going ‘Hut! Hut!’ to try to get us to jump offsides. To me, the only thing that the ref should be listening for is that. They’re doing it and they can’t do that.

“I was just creating some awareness for the referees on what they were doing. Not that they care or listen to me, they really don’t.”

Brady said he didn’t know which Colt it was but ruled out Robert Mathis, saying it “was one of the inside guys” on the defensive line.