Patriots players talk Thanksgiving

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- With the Patriots playing on Thursday, that means players will be celebrating either a late or early Thanksgiving with their families. This led to some light-hearted chatter in the locker room the last two days.

What will linebacker Gary Guyton have to eat?

“Everything. The turkey, the dressings, everything. Everything that’s in front of me I’m eating,” he said with a smile.

But how will that fly with the coaches? “I’ll come in and work out. It will be OK,” Guyton laughed.

How about wide receiver Deion Branch?

“Anything and everything my wife cooks,” he said. “Turkey’s good. Ham is okay. I’m real picky with that stuff though.”

Some Patriots players have already celebrated their Thanksgiving holiday.

“I had my Thanksgiving early,” cornerback Darius Butler said. “Last Tuesday I was home to do a Thanksgiving giveaway for my foundation, so my mom cooked up a nice dinner for me.”

Others will wait until this weekend to get together with family members.

“I think we’re going to get a little time afterwards, especially with the short week and really not having any off time, I think [head coach] Bill [Belichick] will probably throw us a bone. We’ll have a late Turkey Day,” offensive tackle Matt Light said.

Ever the comedian, Light amended his answer moments later.

“I should have said he’s going to throw us a wishbone,” he cracked.