Belichick gives players 4 days off

DETROIT -- At one point following the Patriots' 45-24 victory over the Lions, an eruption was heard in the team's locker room. The reason: Bill Belichick had given players four days off.

"It was a good atmosphere there in the locker room," Belichick explained later. "I really appreciate what these guys have done so far this year. To be where we’re at has taken a lot of hard work. It hasn’t always been perfect. It hasn’t even been good. But it is what it is. We’ve got a good opportunity here ahead of us, so we’re going to relax here, kick back for a couple days, try to take this opportunity to rest and spend a little time with our families, and be ready to roll here next week with the Jets.”

The Patriots are 9-2, the best record in the NFL, and showed resiliency in the second half against the Lions by outscoring them 35-7 in the second half.

Belichick was happy after the game, but as he often does pointed out that not all is rosy.

"There's a lot of things we need to work on, obviously, but we'll just enjoy it here for a couple days and then start grinding it out for the Jets," he said.

Still, as Belichick left the interview podium he high-fived quarterback Tom Brady, who was next to answer questions.