Up & down day for pass protection

Entering Thursday's game against the Lions, quarterback Tom Brady had absorbed just 30 quarterback hits in 10 games, according to in-game statisticians.

The Lions recorded five.

That adds context to how impressive the Lions' initial pressure was, or perhaps, how the Patriots' protection was not. But about midway through the second quarter, the Patriots turned the tide, settling things down.

While Brady was hit five times, he was sacked just once in the game. A look at the season sack-per-pass-play breakdown:

Bengals: 0 of 35

Jets: 1 of 37

Bills: 1 of 28

Dolphins: 3 in 27

Ravens: 3 in 47

Chargers: 4 in 36

Vikings: 0 in 27

Browns: 1 in 39

Steelers: 0 in 43

Colts: 1 in 27

Lions: 1 in 28

On the year, Brady has absorbed 35 quarterback hits in 11 games.