Brady avoiding the big hits

December, 15, 2010
Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is playing some of the best football of his 11-year career. One reason for the top performance is that he is comfortable in the pocket, a result of not taking many hits.

According to in-game statisticians, Brady has absorbed 41 quarterback hits in 13 games this season. That's just more than an average of three hits per game, which is solid production.

Brady has been sacked 21 times in 446 pass plays this season, ranking the Patriots seventh-best in the NFL.

A look at the sacks allowed per pass play this season by the Patriots:

Bengals: 0 of 35
Jets: 1 of 37
Bills: 1 of 28
Dolphins: 3 in 27
Ravens: 3 in 47
Chargers: 4 in 36
Vikings: 0 in 27
Browns: 1 in 39
Steelers: 0 in 43
Colts: 1 in 27
Lions: 1 in 28
Jets: 3 in 32
Bears: 3 in 43

Mike Reiss

ESPN New England Patriots reporter



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