Video: NFL Live's Pats-Packers picks

In the NFL Live video above, ESPN analysts Mike Golic and Mark Schlereth make their predictions for Sunday night’s game between the Patriots and Packers:

* Golic’s pick: Patriots. “New England does not hurt themselves. They don’t make mistakes. They wait for you to make a mistake and then they pounce on it. As far as that defense goes, they were really bad early on. They still give up a ton of yards but they don’t break as much, they’re actually getting better. And that offense is machine-like. I think they are as close to unstoppable right now as we’ve seen when they went undefeated in the regular season. Green Bay, this could effectively knock them out of the playoffs.”

* Schlereth’s pick: Patriots. “I don’t think there’s any question right now, the New England Patriots are the most efficient team in the NFL. Offensively, they spread you out, they throw it around the field, they put points on the board, and then they just let their defense go. And they’re gonna create turnovers, that’s who they are. Green Bay right now, I don’t know what’s going to happen with Aaron Rodgers, but they’re so one-dimensional. I just can’t see them going into New England and winning this game.”