Next-level stats from Patriots-Packers

Patriots bring the pressure against young quarterback

With the inexperienced Matt Flynn starting at quarterback for the Packers, the Patriots dialed up blitz pressure to disrupt the youngster’s pass protection. The Patriots rushed five or more defenders on 17 dropbacks, the team’s second-highest pressure total this season. The added pass pressure resulted in Flynn’s only interception as well as four of the Patriots’ five sacks.

Brady prevails in battle of short throws

Tom Brady entered Week 15 leading the NFL in touchdowns and passer rating on throws of fewer than 15 yards downfield. Sunday night, Brady matched up against the NFL’s best defense against such throws. Helped by 2 touchdowns on throws of 14 yards or fewer, Brady posted a 110.6 passer rating on "short" throws - the best rating against the Packers this season.

Trips formation trips up Patriots

Entering Week 15, Patriots opponents had totaled an NFL-high 1,179 passing yards using trips formations. Matt Flynn was 7-for-11 for 107 yards and two touchdowns when using trips. The 11 pass attempts out of trips were the most the Packers utilized from any one formation Sunday. (Trips formation is when there are three eligible receivers on one side of the ball and one in the backfield.)

Flynn handled with kid gloves

As could be expected, the Packers offense wasn't opened up much for Matt Flynn. Of his 37 pass attempts, just eight went more than 10 yards. He completed three of those attempts for 98 yards, most of which came on James Jones' 66-yard touchdown in the second quarter.

Compiled by Dan Riccio and Alvin Anol