Video: Reiss' P.A.T.

In this week’s P.A.T. (video above), ESPNBoston.com’s Mike Reiss tackles the following Patriots topics:

1. Examining what winning the top seed in the AFC would mean for the Patriots. They can do it with a win in Buffalo on Sunday or a Jets loss (or tie) to the Bears.

2. Arguing Tom Brady vs. Michael Vick in the race for NFL MVP.

“Throw the statistics out. To me, what this is all about with Tom Brady is the Patriots have the youngest team that we can remember in the Bill Belichick era,” Reiss says. “And that has called for Tom Brady to become more of a leader. More of the guy that people look to in that locker room and say ‘We’re going to follow you.’ And Brady has been remarkable in that regard this season ... to me, he’s the NFL’s MVP.”

Mailbag: We’ve seen teams have success running at the Patriots with a big back and keeping the ball away from Brady. Which team is best equipped to do that to New England in the playoffs? Reiss says that team is the Baltimore Ravens, who have the toughness and weapons to give the Patriots problems.