Revisiting DL Wright & injury status

At one point Sunday at Ralph Wilson Stadium, a fellow reporter asked the question, "Do you remember the play in which defensive lineman Mike Wright sustained the concussion that has kept him out of action?"

I remembered the game (Nov. 21 against the Colts) and Wright getting up under his own power and starting to walk off to the wrong sideline before reversing direction. But there was no recollection of the actual play.

So today, I rewinded the tape in an attempt to get a better look at the injury, which has been serious enough to sideline Wright for the last five games.

It was a challenge to get a good look from the TV copy, especially since the play he was injured did not seem to have the typical helmet-to-helmet contact that sometimes results in a concussion. Wright was rushing in the guard-center gap with just less than six minutes remaining in regulation when Colts left guard Kyle DeVan looked like he got his right hand up under Wright's helmet. Wright immediately fell to the ground, face first.

There was no penalty on the play, a 3-yard pass play from Peyton Manning to running back Javarris James. Meanwhile, Wright hasn't been seen by reporters since CBS cameras filmed him on the bench after that play, accompanied by commentary that it looked like he was OK.

Wright's status looks like a case of not being able to project a timeframe for how a player will respond from a serious concussion.

"I don’t want this to sound bad or anything like that because Mike knows I love him, but his injury is something that I don’t know is really predictable," defensive line coach Pepper Johnson said today when asked if he expects Wright back by the playoffs.

"I don’t know if he really knows when he’s going to be back or whatever. I am going to be happy to see him when he can join us out on the field but I know it’s a process and I am just hoping it’s sooner than later."