Patriots' stability part of success

Seven NFL teams have changed head coaches this season, and there could be more in the days to come. This highlights the stability the Patriots have achieved over the last 11 seasons under Bill Belichick.

Among head coaches, Belichick has the third longest active tenure with the same team. He was hired Jan. 27, 2000.

The only other head coaches who have been in their current position longer are Tennessee's Jeff Fisher (Nov. 14, 1994 as interim coach; tag later removed) and Philadelphia's Andy Reid (Jan. 11, 1999).

Along those lines, this comment from former Jets and Browns head coach Eric Mangini caught the eye from Clark Judge's piece on CBSSports.com: "What I know now is that you don't microwave success. You build something to last, and that takes a lot of hard work, discipline and patience. Pittsburgh is a great example of that, and it's reflected by its record."

The Patriots, as Mangini could attest from his first-hand experience with the team, are another example of that.