Podcast: Pats vs. Jets, Part III

This week's Patriots podcast with Tedy Bruschi and Mike Reiss is now posted, and in addition to the two having some fun with the Rex Ryan vs. Bill Belichick matchup, there is plenty of football dissected.

Bruschi analyzes why he thinks Belichick and his staff members kept it light with Ryan's remarks today.

"Coach Belichick would never partake in any of this banter if he didn't have any respect for Rex Ryan or the Ryan family in general," he says. "He has direct experience with the Ryan family -- Buddy Ryan and Rob Ryan, my former linebackers coach with the Patriots. The Patriots know how the Ryans work. I think they really believe it's harmless, it's just who they are, Rex being like his father. It's a confidence. You don't look at it and say he's arrogant. It's more like 'this guy is crazy, I can't believe some of the stuff he's talking about.'"

Bruschi also sees it as fun and something players under Ryan embrace.

"I really loved playing for Rob Ryan. I think I would love to play for Rex Ryan also. They are passionate, the players love them," he says. "They say these things and players take it as being accountable for their head coach. If you don't really have strong feelings for your head coach, and he says things like that, it would affect you in a negative way. Since they have that player-coach relationship, that respect, I think it works for them well."

One aspect that stands out to Bruschi when looking back at the Dec. 6 meeting between the teams is that the Jets didn't stay true to their identity.

"They got away from who they were. I think they have to get back to running the ball consistently," he says. "They came out in a no-huddle offense, with Mark Sanchez in the shotgun, spread out. You could tell, the offensive line, it didn't look right. That's not who they are."