Brady: Welker benching wasn't a factor

The benching of Wes Welker in the Patriots' first offensive series and its effect on the game's outcome has been a hot topic since the Patriots' loss to the Jets Sunday night. But Tom Brady, for one, said it wasn't a factor in the loss.

"That has no bearing on the way that we played as a team," he said during his Monday morning appearance on WEEI. "I think that’s just, I don’t know, I don’t think it had any effect on the game. What has the most effect on the game is the way that we played."

But Brady acknowledged that Welker's comments to the press last week, subtly poking fun at Rex Ryan's foot-fetish flap, was in line with his teammate's sense of humor.

"That's Wes' personality," he explained. "Wes is a very fun, positive, energetic person. With all the things that were coming out of New York, I think Wes just thought it would be funny to combat it in his own way."

"I don't think that's any reason why we lost the game," he said.