Fan opinions on Welker benching

The decision to bench Wes Welker for the first series, and Vince Wilfork's opinion that he wouldn't have made the same decision, have sparked some varied opinions on Twitter.

A sampling:

@TheJRBShow -- "The drive he was out before the pick was maybe the best ... Having said that he is a major weapon; hated to see him miss that drive but overall not worth chatting about any more."

@kristaematrudo -- "It's the principle behind it. Belichick sets precedent that there should still be respect and discipline in the game."

@smitts0715 -- "If you cave and don't bench Welker, you eventually end up with a team like the Jets. Welker being in didn't seem to change much."

@OLMinnetonka -- "Welker benching was big because it showed Jets their trash talking worked."

@RussGoldman -- "I agree with the decision to bench Welker. Belichick needed to do it for his team."

@e_frenz -- "Welker wouldn't have made a difference on 1st drive. Brady still threw a pick on a dump-off to BenJarvus Green-Ellis."

@themanfromdiman -- "How does this affect Welker's trust for BB? He's done everything in his power to get back after he shredded his leg last year."

@DaddyFiles -- "Can we just stop with the Welker stuff? Without him the Patriots moved the ball at will that 1st series. Was a non-factor."

@pintsinthepaint -- "There's not really 1 catalyst for the loss, Welker bench, fake punt, etc. The Pats just were outplayed for 60 minutes."

@Rich_Hill -- "My first thought was, 'Jets smack talkers are playing. Welker isn't.' Who questions the support of their coach?"

@cross_02139 -- "It kind set the bad tone from the start."

@smoore_LFC -- "Belichick was correct in the benching it was for the team and the team is bigger than Wes Welker or any other player."

@Kris_J12 -- "Not about benching but about the bigger impact on player mentalities. Not the game to be making a point in."

@Paakaa10 -- "Issue with Welker benching isn't how long he was out or if that made difference... it took away from focusing on gameplan, preparation."

@SanchezBob -- "They moved down the field on the first drive without Welker better than any other time all night."