Kraft on what was missing in loss

DALLAS -- Patriots owner Robert Kraft addressed reporters here at the Super Bowl and he was asked what he felt was missing in the team's playoff loss to the Jets.

"I don't know, a good game-plan," he said. "I mean, you have to hand it to the Jets. They came in and they did a good job. And actually, if you think about it, we drove down the field those first two drives. Tommy [Brady] was unbelievable -- he had [11] games without an interception and then threw that lazy interception. They go down and they miss the field goal and then we come drive right down again, and we throw one in the end zone and it gets dropped, we get three points.

"We get the fake punt, which we hadn't done all year, and it gets bobbled. It was wide open, by the way, if we had executed. Matthew Slater tries to down a ball at the 1 [unsuccessfully]. We didn't get the breaks and the Jets did a great job. We're very sad, I'll tell you."