Brady: You never get over losses

Like much of the Patriots' fan base, Tom Brady says he's not over last month's playoff loss to the Jets.

Not that that's a surprise.

"You don't ever get over the losses," Brady told Michael Lombardi of the NFL Network during an interview after Brady was named the unanimous pick as the Associated Press MVP. "I didn't get over the loss to Denver four years ago in the divisional game, I didn't get over the loss to the Colts in the championship game or to the Giants in the Super Bowl or this one. They stick with you forever.

"The years we got to the Super Bowl we played really well in the postseason. This year, we didn't. Hopefully that motivates all of us to come back this offseason to train hard, hopefully have some great minicamps and great training camps, and then move into the season with a pretty good understanding of what it takes to get back to where we were at."

Also predictably, Brady credited his teammates and coaches with making it possible for him to win the award, and acknowledged he'd rather have been playing Sunday than picking up an individual honor.

"It's a great award, but playing in the Super Bowl is the greatest thing any quarterback can be doing this time of year.

"Obviously I give a lot of thanks to my teammates and coaches. We had a great group of guys and that's the reason why any quarterback is successful. I accept this on behalf of all my teammates.

Asked if he thought this could be an MVP season during training camp, Brady said, "The last thing I'm thinking about is being MVP. It's really contradictory to the way I try to play quarterback. It's about the team. If you're going to experience success, you've got to rely on everyone. You win with those guys and you lose with those guys.

"We had the best regular season of anyone. We just didn't have the best postseason."