Chung: Botched fake punt is 'behind me'

TAUNTON, Mass. -- New England Patriots safety Patrick Chung read to students this morning at the James L. Mulcahey Elementary School, then touched on his community service and second NFL season afterward.

"Reading is important," he said when asked why he attended the event, which was rescheduled twice because of snow. "I struggled in school coming up. My dad and my mom told me reading was important and 'you need to do what you have to do to get where you want to get.' Some kids don't think it's important, so you have to put it in their heads that it is."

Chung said he was nervous before reading to several hundred students. It helped him that he reads to his 4-month-old son Taj.

As for football, Chung watched the Super Bowl ("a great game") and said it was hard seeing two teams the Patriots had beaten in the regular season.

Chung said there are no "what-ifs," and that includes the botched fake punt from the playoff loss to the Jets.

"It's behind me," Chung said. "That day [after the game], I cleared it up. That play is over. I am on to the next one. I am looking forward to this offseason and game by game after that. I am not worried about it."

Chung, who mishandled the snap on the unsuccessful fake punt, took responsibility for the blunder the day after the game.

Asked if that was a lesson he could share with students, Chung said: "You have to bounce back. Something bad is going to happen in your life, now it is on you how fast you can bounce back."