McCourty brothers in the spotlight

Patriots cornerback Devin McCourty and his brother, Titans cornerback Jason McCourty, were guests on NFL Network's "Total Access" show on Thursday night. A clip is now posted on NFL.com and has the two reflecting on their pre-draft experience.

"I got a chance to go to the NFL combine and I remember training; it's like you're training for this big event that will change your life," Devin McCourty said. "I remember being a little nervous before and Jason telling me to just relax and just go do it. I felt like I was on the big stage and wanted to take advantage of the opportunity."

As part of the segment, the McCourtys break down some cornerback Xs and Os. Devin McCourty explained the importance of looking back for the football, which is something Bill Belichick stresses with defensive backs.

"Any time you get to that position, where you flip those hips and now you're running with that receiver, Coach Belichick always tells us 'you're in position, turn your head, see the quarterback.' Now he throws it and I'm going to get it. Once I get it in my hands, I want to turn into the guy trying to get into the end zone. Any time you get your hands on the ball, make a big play, try to score a touchdown."