Lockout and its impact on Patriots

In a piece now posted on ESPNBoston.com, the impact of Friday's decertification and lockout is viewed through a Patriots-type lens.

Some of the key points:

Players are disappointed. "I think everybody pretty much feels the same way, we just want to go back to work," cornerback Kyle Arrington said. "Hopefully this thing resolves itself -- the sooner the better."

Draft preparations continue. Bill Belichick has been in Florida this week on his annual scouting trip. Earlier this week, he watched film with University of Miami defenders Allen Bailey, Brandon Harris, Colin McCarthy, DeMarcus Van Dyke and Ryan Hill, and was planning to attend the school's Pro Day on Thursday before it was postponed because of rain. This reflects how Belichick is focusing on the draft while most everything else is uncertain.

Players, coaches and others potentially affected. Teams can't sign, cut or trade players, or interact with them during the lockout. Players also won't be paid workout bonuses or other money due to them in the offseason, while coaches and support staffers could potentially have their pay cut.

Logan Mankins could fight for freedom. Mankins had been assigned the franchise tag last month, and some in the NFL Players Association previously expressed the belief that he'd have a strong legal case to earn free agency during the lockout. Mankins could potentially argue that he couldn't be restricted by the franchise tag while also being locked out by owners. This will be something to monitor from a Patriots perspective.