Zoltan Mesko's unique offseason

In a piece now posted on ESPNBoston.com, Patriots punter Zoltan Mesko details how he feels like a "rookie again" while interning at a private equity firm in Philadelphia.

"The day after football ended, I just looked at my schedule and there was nothing on it," Mesko explains in the piece. "I was like 'What do I do now?' I felt somewhat worthless. I wanted to become productive again and this was the kind of opportunity I looked into had my rookie season gone a little downhill. I kind of just thought about it, and I was kind of thinking that the lockout would be a definite possibility, and who knows how long it would go on for?"

Mesko describes his work as complex at Graham Partners, which manages more than $1.5 billion in equity capital while focusing on middle-market manufacturing companies. His days are jam-packed.

"Sometimes I'll go home at 9 or 10 at night, just because there is so much work to do," he says.

The goal is to set himself up for a post-playing career, whenever that day comes.

"I want to land on my feet and get going right off the bat," he says. "I always want to feel productive no matter what I do, and I always enjoy a challenge, whether it's football, private equity, or something else. I enjoy it, because I know the hard work will pay off."