Pats rank 9th in draft study

Matt Maiocco of CSNBayArea, who covers the 49ers, widens his scope by producing a five-year study of the NFL Draft. As part of the study, Maiocco ranks the NFL's 32 teams based on who had the best drafts from 2006-2010.

The Patriots check in at No. 9.

"The Patriots stockpiled picks, and they've generally hit on their early selections. But they haven't had a whole lot of success mining for contributors in the later rounds," Maiocco writes.

Maiocco explains that the rankings took into consideration where teams selected; how many star players were acquired; booms and busts at the top of the draft; late-round gems; and how the players selected contributed to wins and losses.

The rival Jets edge the Patriots with a No. 4 ranking.