DL Brace: Not yet 100 percent

Patriots defensive lineman Ron Brace conducted a Q&A with Aaron Wilson of the National Football Post, touching on his offseason and his recovery from elbow surgery.

"Basically ever since I had that season-ending injury, I've been working on recovery and trying to get ready for next year," said Brace, the 2009 second-round draft choice. "I can't really say I'm 100 percent yet. I'm just getting back into it day by day. I'm seeing progression."

Brace also touched on his first two years with the Patriots.

"A lot of people said I was a bust right away, but I know I'm not a bust," he said. "I know I can play. The only person stopping me was me and I can't let it happen. People jumped to conclusions. They didn't really know the whole deal. They go by what they see, but they don't know people's plans and go off a lot of negatives."