J. Kraft on Solder: 'Unbelievable kid'

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Patriots president Jonathan Kraft was a guest on WEEI sports radio this afternoon, touching on Patriots first round draft choice Nate Solder and the team's plans during tonight's second and third rounds of the 2011 NFL Draft.

"Unbelievable kid," Kraft said of Solder. "Now we're going to have Matt Light - don't want to exclude Matt, I know he's not under contract. [But] when you look at Sebastian [Vollmer] and Nate, they don't look like what I used to think of as a tackle. They're tall, they look lean and athletic. You used to think of the big butt, big thighs, you could plant and not get moved. These guys [though] are just specimens."

"People know offensive line is an area where we need to stock up with younger players," Kraft said.

Kraft also defended the team's trade that sent the second of their first-round selections last night (28th overall) to New Orleans for a second-round choice this year (56th overall) and a first-round pick next year.

"Savvy people understand [you make that trade] when you have the 28th pick in the first round and you have a chance to trade the 28th for the 56th and a first next year," Kraft said. "When you have a roster that is more set than rest of league ... we had six picks in first three rounds. We were 14-2 last year."

"If you can trade back [28] picks, pick up a first rounder next year and you know you have the 33rd pick and there's still a bunch of guys on the board you'd be happy with, I think our fans understand that," Kraft continued. "That doesn't mean Mark Ingram is bad player. It just means that's what in the long-term best interests in our team, to keep it competitive."