'Front row' seat with Bruschi

ESPN analyst Tedy Bruschi talks about preparing to climb Mount Kilimanjaro as part of ESPN's "Front Row" blog.

Bruschi will be joined by former Titans coach Jeff Fisher on the climb, and he tells a story from the 2006 season when his emotion overflowed on the field against Fisher's team.

"One of my biggest tirades as a player – and it didn’t happen often – was actually directed at Jeff and his team," Bruschi recalls. "Receiver Bobby Wade went low on Rodney Harrison and blew his knee out. I went ballistic. It was the first time, one of the only times, I ever lost total emotional control on the football field when I started yelling at the Tennessee sideline. Jeff was in my sights and I just lost it. I’m sure we’ll relive that memory a little bit."

That was an unforgettable day, as Harrison had worked hard to return from a knee injury. It was the season finale and the game was extremely chippy.