Public opinion varies on Seymour deal

Tom E. Curran of Comcast Sports Net writes today on the Patriots' 2009 trade of Richard Seymour. The piece, which is headlined "In retrospect, the Patriots missed Seymour", provided a springboard to solicit opinion from Patriots followers on the following question:

Knowing what you do now, would you still make that deal (Seymour for a 2011 first-round pick?).

Some responses on Twitter:

@bendadams -- "Can't really rule on this until we see what [Nate] Solder does. Pats were definitely good enough to win it all this year."

@mikeyb -- "We would have gotten nothing for Seymour, having him leave in free agency. That said, I do miss having him on the D."

@clnorton33 -- "No, I don't do the deal -- Seymour too valuable on and off the field."

@pacman5585 -- "Great question. No one would do it again. Awful trade that has killed this team. 0-3 in last three playoff games [2 without Seymour]."

@thepaulswanson -- "I think the bigger question is would we have been able to sign Seymour to a contract extension?"

@kentmckinley -- "Definitely. People forget Seymour was not great his last couple years with Pats; wasn't the dominant 01-04 Seymour."

@jay2436 -- "Must keep in mind the financial aspects of the deal. He would have needed the franchise tag in New England, which means Mankins gone."