Tedy Bruschi: Day 1 of Kilimanjaro climb

ESPN analyst Tedy Bruschi writes on the first day of his climb of Mount Kilimanjaro in a piece now posted on ESPNBoston.com.

"I didn't realize how daunting this task would be until I finally saw Mount Kilimanjaro for the first time from the window of the bus," Bruschi writes. "They said it was out there, but I couldn't see it at first. I was looking to the cloud line. I tilted my head and looked above the cloud line, and there is was: the peak. It was past the first row of clouds, above that, and under a second row of clouds. I literally asked myself, 'Is that heaven?' It was so high.

"I was awestruck. I've never seen anything like that. I spoke out loud and said, 'This is a moment I'll never forget the rest of my life, the first time I saw Kilimanjaro.'

"Everyone agreed."