Inspiration on the rise for Bruschi

Tedy Bruschi writes on the next phase of his climb up Mount Kilimanjaro in a piece now posted on ESPNBoston.com. While Bruschi is detailing his journey, he believes the real story is the Wounded Warriors climbing with him.

"Watching the Wounded Warriors go up was just amazing to me," he writes. "To see two single-leg amputees -- Bryan Wagner and Ben Lunak -- lead the way and climb up these steep cliffs … Nancy Schiliro can't see out of her left eye as she lost her left eye in the war … Michael Wilson is still experiencing the results of traumatic brain injury … to see them conquering this climb is absolutely inspiring to me."

Bruschi also notes that the terrain is getting more challenging.

"The climb was very different from when we were in the rain forest the day before. There were more rocks to climb, and there was a lot less tree cover. It was a route that had better views and we could spend some time and enjoy those," he writes. "When I was researching Kilimanjaro, I read that it was somewhat of a gradual climb. Maybe I think differently from other people, because I'm an inexperienced climber, but this seemed like anything but a gradual climb. There was steep, rocky terrain that we had to go up."