Belichick, Pietramala & lacrosse

The Baltimore-based "Press Box" writes on the friendship between Patriots coach Bill Belichick and Johns Hopkins lacrosse coach Dave Pietramala, noting that a day seldom goes by that the two aren't in touch.

"The first time I ever spoke with him, we spoke on the phone, and our conversation lasted almost an hour," Pietramala told reporter Kevin Heitz. "All I wanted to do was talk to him about his world, about the NFL, and about the draft, the season and preparations -- how they do things. Interestingly enough for me, all he wanted to hear about was what we were doing -- and lacrosse, our season, the challenges we were facing, games we played.

"I got off the phone, and I could not have been more taken aback at what a regular guy he was."

Belichick also touches on his thoughts on Pietramala.

"We have a good appreciation for each other and what we're going through," he said. "The ups and downs as a team -- no matter what sport it's in, you still go through the same things. We talk about a lot of those things. ...

"He's been great. I really have a lot of respect for what he does. Just being down there during the games with him, and in the locker room … watching the way he handles and prepares a team, I've learned a lot from that. He enjoys the practices, the film sessions, the meetings just as much as the game itself. That's why he does such a great job with his team."