Ty Warren talks degree on First Take

ESPN's "First Take" visited with Patriots defensive end Ty Warren this morning (video to come here on ESPNBoston.com), highlighting his decision to go back to Texas A&M to earn his degree.

The interview began with Warren holding up pictures of his late grandparents, because he had promised them he would graduate from college. Warren also held up his framed degree.

"I'm sure they were watching and they were smiling," he told co-host Dana Jacobson.

At the end of the interview, Warren looked like he was going to say something when Jacobson told him good luck with what his degree brings, but he stopped short. So he was brought back shortly after to add his final remarks.

"I was just going to say, in the words of Hank Williams Jr., a country boy can survive," Warren said, drawing laughter. "I'm just a country boy down here in Texas, just trying to survive."

At one point, Warren spoke about his return to the football field after missing all of 2010 with a hip injury.

"I'm ready. I got cleared in December. A story came out a little while ago of me doing some MMA [mixed martial arts] stuff; I linked up with a gym down here [in Texas]," he said. "Being that I am getting older, and a little longer in the tooth, I understand that I have my skis on and I'm at the top of the peak and ready to hit that downslope and all that good stuff that I've been hearing. Believe me, I'm ready, I'm feeling pretty good. I'm pretty ready to do it all over again."